Twitter: What’s The Point? – Part 1

19 08 2009

This is a series for the twitter alien or newbie who either has yet to embark upon a twitter user account or is just getting started. This is not a how-to guide for the most part, because frankly, most of my real world friends can’t get past the “what’s the point” question when it comes to twitter. It’s the question I had to answer for myself before jumping in too and it’s the question still wrangling around in some of your minds as your twitter account remains dormant waiting for you, hence the title.

Got Something To Say?

Have you ever wanted to tell the world something but felt like nobody wanted to listen? You ever had the answer but no audience to hear you out? Ever been frustrated with the pundits that always seem to have the mic, but never telling the whole story?  If you’ve ever experienced these feelings then there is a way for you to set things right, to tell it like it is. Set the whole world straight 140 characters at a time. Sure, you are forced to make it short and sweet, but in today’s world that’s how we like it anyway.

You’ve Got The Power

Remember that words contain power and guess what, tweets are what…yep, you guessed it, WORDS. So, when you tweet, you’ve got the power.


Twitter is your platform to the world, your own soapbox where you can be heard as oft as you like, with no boundaries of time or space. Become a national or international voice, or a local voice if that’s all you want. Say something from your computer or smartphone and immediately impact and influence a life in India or other parts of the world.  Many, many tweeple converse and communicate on twitter every second of the day  and you can find and connect with people of like mind with a little effort.

Twitter is just like the real world in that to get more out of it, you must first contribute more to it.  On that  note, the more you tweet, the more tweets come back to you. So, take control and enlighten the world on how it really is. Use Twitter as your platform, soapbox, microphone, etc. It is useful, influential, entertaining, empowering, and waiting for you. You can always find me at Where are you?





Ashton Hits A Million Twitter Followers – Now What?

17 04 2009

So, when I caught the news of Ashton Kutcher racing CNN to the be the first to have a million followers on Twitter, I had mixed emotions. The social equity that most celebs have gives them follow leverage that non-celebs can’t usually touch. It didn’t really excite me all that much and I don’t know that I really cared. There is a part of me that is really excited for Ashton and a part of me that is not. I have to have some excitement for Ashton, because if it was me, I would want folks to be excited for me, and I definitely would be excited. Heck, I get excited every time I connect with 1 more person. Every hundredth follower I get, I send them a reply thanking them for being that x hundredth follower.

I’m a late adopter to the 2.0 scene, but I’m all in. I have had access to computers since the 9th grade and I can remember chatting with friends using Ytalk on UNIX systems back in the early 90s. I actually found that the program is still available today. I also remember playing chess on-line via a terminal with other college students around the world. I loved this technology and would spend hours on end on-line just socializing. What I realize now, so many years later, is that social media has been around since the beginning of the computer, especially since the personal computer. The limitation has been and still is the accessibility to all people.

Ashton’s race has inspired me to put my challenge out there. I invite you to help me put 1 million netbooks into the hands of 1 million children. Netbooks are small laptops at a low price. The low price is key here for me. The low price is going to allow access to families and kids right here in America that couldn’t bring this technology home before. I know personally what technology in the hand of a child can do for a family because it changed my life and that is why I’m a highly skilled professional today. Children will do amazing things with tools like this…things we can’t even fathom today.

To learn more about the netbook, I’ll give @hightechdad a plug here because he did such a good job reviewing netbooks. Go check out his article here 10-things-to-consider-when-buying-a-netbook

Ashton won, so now what? The balls in your court. If you are interested in helping me positively impact the lives of 1 million children now, leave a comment and follow me and Direct Message me at .


10 04 2009

What in the world is follow friday?

The digital shout out for Gen Y.  We all know about the radio shout out, where you mention a friends name when you call in to a radio show.  You call in to WZZX (made that up) and tell them what you want them to play and then you hear, “I’d like to give a shout out to RayRay, my boyfriend”.  Back then, that was about the end of it, besides the fact that the name RayRay rang in your head all day.  But here in the age of Web 2.0, we take the shout out to a whole notha level.

#FollowFriday is a term used in the world of micro-blogging at one of the most popular sites, Twitter.  It might look like this


Yes, that is a real #followfriday tweet from my lovely wife.  Thanks Baby!

In a nutshell, that tells, the folks in the Twitterverse (all that is that you are friends with or feel they should know the user who is goodlifediva.  Again, in the primetime days of radio, that would have been the end of it, but not in the world of Web 2.0.  Now you can mosey over to @goodlifediva twitter homepage and she has a link to her website in her profile which you can click on to find out all about @goodlifediva.  You can also start to follow @goodlifediva on twitter which is litterally what #followfriday means…start following @goodlifediva.  It is a twitter tradition to only do this on friday, hence, the term, #followfriday.  The pound sign “#”  also called a hash symbol is the symbol used to help find all posts for a particular term appear in search results at (a twitter specific search engine).

When you think about it, this is a powerful way to be introduced to folks online.  You see, we trust people we know and we trust them to not introduce us to folks that we cannot trust.  And though, we may not be able to meet all our digital friends in person, we can get a feel for them through their websites and tweets (140 character or less updates they make on twitter).

From time to time, I will talk about social media, because it is changing things and is here to stay.  If you aren’t involved, you are missing out.  I’m just getting started and I enjoy my twitter interactions.  I think you woud too.  Everyone has an opinion on #FollowFriday, get involved and form your own opinion. 

Here is my #followfriday list for today

tweety @goodlifediva – My wonderful wife who pulled me into the twitterverse after I saw the benefit she received from it.

tweety @arizonafitclub – I just started p90x and here is a club that offers 1 free class a week in Scottsdale, Arizona

tweety @hajjflemings – personal brand strategist that really knows his stuff and can help you create a polished image for yourself.  This is important in today’s market or any market.

That’s a wrap and thanks for reading. If this was helpful to you or not, leave a comment about your thoughts on #FollowFriday or this article.