Ashton Hits A Million Twitter Followers – Now What?

17 04 2009

So, when I caught the news of Ashton Kutcher racing CNN to the be the first to have a million followers on Twitter, I had mixed emotions. The social equity that most celebs have gives them follow leverage that non-celebs can’t usually touch. It didn’t really excite me all that much and I don’t know that I really cared. There is a part of me that is really excited for Ashton and a part of me that is not. I have to have some excitement for Ashton, because if it was me, I would want folks to be excited for me, and I definitely would be excited. Heck, I get excited every time I connect with 1 more person. Every hundredth follower I get, I send them a reply thanking them for being that x hundredth follower.

I’m a late adopter to the 2.0 scene, but I’m all in. I have had access to computers since the 9th grade and I can remember chatting with friends using Ytalk on UNIX systems back in the early 90s. I actually found that the program is still available today. I also remember playing chess on-line via a terminal with other college students around the world. I loved this technology and would spend hours on end on-line just socializing. What I realize now, so many years later, is that social media has been around since the beginning of the computer, especially since the personal computer. The limitation has been and still is the accessibility to all people.

Ashton’s race has inspired me to put my challenge out there. I invite you to help me put 1 million netbooks into the hands of 1 million children. Netbooks are small laptops at a low price. The low price is key here for me. The low price is going to allow access to families and kids right here in America that couldn’t bring this technology home before. I know personally what technology in the hand of a child can do for a family because it changed my life and that is why I’m a highly skilled professional today. Children will do amazing things with tools like this…things we can’t even fathom today.

To learn more about the netbook, I’ll give @hightechdad a plug here because he did such a good job reviewing netbooks. Go check out his article here 10-things-to-consider-when-buying-a-netbook

Ashton won, so now what? The balls in your court. If you are interested in helping me positively impact the lives of 1 million children now, leave a comment and follow me and Direct Message me at .