Twitter: What’s The Point? – Part 1

19 08 2009

This is a series for the twitter alien or newbie who either has yet to embark upon a twitter user account or is just getting started. This is not a how-to guide for the most part, because frankly, most of my real world friends can’t get past the “what’s the point” question when it comes to twitter. It’s the question I had to answer for myself before jumping in too and it’s the question still wrangling around in some of your minds as your twitter account remains dormant waiting for you, hence the title.

Got Something To Say?

Have you ever wanted to tell the world something but felt like nobody wanted to listen? You ever had the answer but no audience to hear you out? Ever been frustrated with the pundits that always seem to have the mic, but never telling the whole story?  If you’ve ever experienced these feelings then there is a way for you to set things right, to tell it like it is. Set the whole world straight 140 characters at a time. Sure, you are forced to make it short and sweet, but in today’s world that’s how we like it anyway.

You’ve Got The Power

Remember that words contain power and guess what, tweets are what…yep, you guessed it, WORDS. So, when you tweet, you’ve got the power.


Twitter is your platform to the world, your own soapbox where you can be heard as oft as you like, with no boundaries of time or space. Become a national or international voice, or a local voice if that’s all you want. Say something from your computer or smartphone and immediately impact and influence a life in India or other parts of the world.  Many, many tweeple converse and communicate on twitter every second of the day  and you can find and connect with people of like mind with a little effort.

Twitter is just like the real world in that to get more out of it, you must first contribute more to it.  On that  note, the more you tweet, the more tweets come back to you. So, take control and enlighten the world on how it really is. Use Twitter as your platform, soapbox, microphone, etc. It is useful, influential, entertaining, empowering, and waiting for you. You can always find me at Where are you?





Momma Gotta Go

14 07 2009

I was talking to my wife this morning about her trip that she will be taking in a few days.  She will be gone 3 whole days…Ooooo Wee.  And she mentioned that she was happy that she has a husband that will not refuse to let her take trips for respite and relief from time to time.  Not that I could stop her, but I could complain and grumble if I wanted to, whichwould be just as bad.  She also said that there are many wives that don’t have such a liberty.  I want to challenge the husbands out there to do this for your wives.   Believe me, you want to do this.  It will reinvirogate her in more ways than one and you will get a chance to bond with the kids in ways you can’t do with Mom around.  If you have  kids ages 6 and above, heck, they will take care of you.  They know the house routine better than you do.

I’ve been married for 12 years and get-away time for mommy is one of the best keys to a happy marriage there is.  So, if you have a home like mine where you bust it everyday from 8-5 away from home and she works it everyday from 8-5 at home with 3 or so kids, you will want to incorporate this, give-mommy-some-time-to-herself principle.  It will keep your marriage healthy in intimacy, sex, love, joy, peace… and I could keep going and I’m not joking.    Have Your Say by leaving  your comments.

There’s Nothing I Can Do…?

9 04 2009

“ without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayer”   
   — Paul The Apostle

So, today is about going a little deeper. On Thursdays, I will attempt to write about principles that cause our world to be a better place, our lives to ascend and our inner man to mature. It is what I call, Deep Thought Thursday. This blog is about life strategies that can be used in every area of your life (home, business, spiritual, etc). I don’t believe in compartmentalizing our lives. Anytime we attempt to be someone different at work versus at home versus at church versus anywhere, what we are really doing is posing.

Do you have an attitude of gratitude for those that surround you? Many times we can become quite self indulgent and forget that who we are is very much connected to who we interact with everyday. Do we really care about our family, neighbors and friends? The people around us are a critical part of who we are and this fact cannot be underestimated.

Many of us pray and ask for what we want or need in life, but here is a thought, thank God for and get involved with the people in your life more often. They are a gift from God and every gift from God is good and beautiful. Yes, we can thank God and should thank Him for prosperity and health, but even above that, we should give Him thanks for those who live with us daily. We are connected to them. I know what you are thinking, and yes, there are people connected to you that have hurt you and it is hard for you to do anything for them, but is it really hurting them when you hold that grudge and bitterness inside or is it hurting you? The answer is, it is really hurting you. So, find a way to mend the bridges and heal the past hurts so that you live a life that is tasteful and refreshing to those around you.

We all know someone who is going through a hard time. Isn’t there a flaw in the reasoning that says there is nothing we can do?

At the water cooler this week, discuss getting involved to help someone in need instead of gossiping about the boss or the office mole.

What are you doing to help someone in need? Encourage us all, leave a comment.