Effective Communication – Improving the Probability of Success

28 04 2009

What did you just say?

Only fifty-five percent of communication is spoken.  The rest of it is body language, tone, and other  non-verbal queues.  An effective communicator will take time to read and understand the whole  message and not just the words. 
It is difficult for folks to hide how they feel.  Sighs, eye rolling, head turning, finger pointing, frowns, all can be signs of frustration. Laughter, smiles,  and wide eyes point to someone who is fulfilled and happy.
The word “Hello”, for instance, can be used to be polite or it can be relayed with sarcasm, as to say get a clue, in which case, it would not be received well.  The delivery of the words is as important as the words we choose to say.   We should deliver the message, good or bad, in as constructive a manner as possible to give our ideas the best chance for success.