Momma Gotta Go

14 07 2009

I was talking to my wife this morning about her trip that she will be taking in a few days.  She will be gone 3 whole days…Ooooo Wee.  And she mentioned that she was happy that she has a husband that will not refuse to let her take trips for respite and relief from time to time.  Not that I could stop her, but I could complain and grumble if I wanted to, whichwould be just as bad.  She also said that there are many wives that don’t have such a liberty.  I want to challenge the husbands out there to do this for your wives.   Believe me, you want to do this.  It will reinvirogate her in more ways than one and you will get a chance to bond with the kids in ways you can’t do with Mom around.  If you have  kids ages 6 and above, heck, they will take care of you.  They know the house routine better than you do.

I’ve been married for 12 years and get-away time for mommy is one of the best keys to a happy marriage there is.  So, if you have a home like mine where you bust it everyday from 8-5 away from home and she works it everyday from 8-5 at home with 3 or so kids, you will want to incorporate this, give-mommy-some-time-to-herself principle.  It will keep your marriage healthy in intimacy, sex, love, joy, peace… and I could keep going and I’m not joking.    Have Your Say by leaving  your comments.


Small Computers –> Big Future

30 04 2009

I’ll make this short and sweet, just like a tweet.  I read this article this morning about the PeeWee tablet Laptop.  It is specifically made for 3 to 10 year olds.  These machines are important for us to reach the next generation with life changing technology.  In poor rural areas, books are hard to come by, but with the spread of the internet via WIMAX and other broadband technologies, we can put technology like this in the hand of a child.  With this technology, they can have access to 100s of books and other info from around the world.  That would be hyper-growth.  Check out the article here, “PeeWee Tablet Laptop Is Resistant To Drops, Spills, Screaming Children”.

Thanks for reading.  If you are working to expand technology to low-income areas around the world, let me know and also leave a comment or tweet me at @dfresh411 .