So, Who is the guy behind the words?

Well, my name is Daniel Tillman and I am a man driven to do something great for humanity. I have had the privilege over many years to live a life of purpose surrounding by a loving family. Through my journey as a son, husband and father, college student, BSEE graduate, senior software engineer, volunteer, certified PMP and entrepreneur, I have learned many invaluable lessons and here i share some of those with those who care to tune in.

I have been the servant of one God since I was 13 years old, husband of one wonderful woman since 1997 and the employee of one company my entire professional career and yet I know that I must never take anything for granted, because in an instant my life could change. Change is constant, so you either are an agent of change, an adopter of change, or a fly on the windshield of change. I’m a big believer in the the concept of constant change because we should all strive to improve continuously. Therefore, much of what I write here will illuminate practical ways to manage and lead the process of change in our lives. The year 2007 was a very tough year in my life where I faced much disappointment when my side real estate business came to a screeching halt, leaving me with a mountain of debt and no way out soon. I truly learned who I was that year and the principles I layout in this blog brought me through that and are my constant companions to this day.

From a community standpoint, I’ve been involved in some form or fashion of developing church leaders for the last 13 years. On the Business side, I am a certified PMP and I currently lead teams of 5-15 people through software product developments with cost ranging from $200k to $2,000,000 with potential platform revenues ranging from $100,000,000 to $1,000,000,000 over the life of the platform.

So, enjoy the blog, tips and insights. I hope my articles become an invaluable resource in your life.


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