Twitter: What’s The Point? – Part 2

28 08 2009

Your Mama ever told you and your siblings before leaving the house or accompanying them to an event…”Ya’ll better act right”. Well, that was a life lesson: there is a proper way to act in public and that the way you act in public is a personal reflection on the family name.  Acting right is mostly common sense and it works in every aspect of life…home, work, business deals and yes twitter too.

Rules of Engagement


Just like any place on earth there are rules of engagement. Really, it is pretty much common sense. Don’t tell lies, don’t harass tweeple, don’t say things that are out of character with who you are.  Oh, and don’t tell other folks how to do things that you haven’t done yourself.  It’s annoying to get tweets that say things like “How to get 10,000 followers in a month”  from tweeple who barely have 100,  please just stop the madness. Find tweeters that are fun, informative, interesting and interact with them and become fun, informative and interesting yourself. Become the goto guy or gal in your field, hobby or interest, that’s what you really want, that’s how you engage.

Make It Personal

orange house

The first thing I found was that I needed to customize my background and make my Twitter page more reflective of my personality and the message that I wanted to convey.  To do this just search for “Twitter backgrounds” and you’ll find all the help you need.  Ok, so now you have a nice background, what’s next?  Spruce up your profile…not gonna explain how to do that because you can just click on the profile link and it  will walk you through and the fields are self explanatory.  I’ll just say that you should write your description knowing that it is how many folks will find you.  So, however you want other tweeple to think of  you is want you want to put there.  I may write another article later on how to write a good profile description.  In this post, I’ll stick to the point (no pun intended) of this article, which is showing the point of
Twitter and hopefully that will give you enough incentive to figure out the how-to yourself.   If you personalize your background, your profile and add a picture then  you have pretty much covered the basics to personalizing your realestate in the twitterverse, oh yeah and if you have a website that’s reflective of your message, I would suggest adding that to your profile as well.  I usually click a tweeters website to check ’em out before I follow them.  Take-away here is that you want to build trust and stand out as an individual who others can count on. You want tweeters to miss you when you aren’t there.







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