Lack of Communication – #1 Reason for Project Failure

10 06 2009
I told them just doesn’t make the grade when it comes to effective communication.  Communication is very dependent on the feedback loop.  It is important as the sender of a message to make sure that whoever you are talking to relays back to you what you said.  This point cannot be stressed enough.
Lets say you leave the water running in the bath tub while you are watching a game on TV and your wife reminds you to turn the water off and goes to bed.   You say, “OK Honey” only to find the bathroom and the next room flooded with water after you finish watching the game.   What could have taken a few seconds to address now will take hours of time and expense to fix.  This highlights the importance of making  sure the receiver gets the message.
Destructive unintended consequences analogous to the damaging effects of the water secretly seeps into our projects and lives daily when we don’t communicate effectively.



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