Successful People Have It…Do You?

8 04 2009

“If this cup can pass from me, never the less thy will not my will be done”
Familiar verse of scripture from the Bible and  movie “The Passion”.
Christ drank the cup and endured the unimaginable because of his passionate love for all mankind.

Passion is a force that we can use to powerfully effect the world around us.  Passion by Webster’s definition is defined as a deep love toward some activity.  I like that definition and it is the one that I explore further here.

Passion Is Deep

Passion comes from within, it is not on the surface.  Your outer self is a mirror of the passions that you posses inside you.  Passion is to our soul and spirit what food and water is to our bodies.  When we eat, our body absorbs the food, makes it a part of it, fuses it into cells and uses it as fuel to grow and mature.  That is exactly how our spirit and soul use our passion.

In my own life, my passion in life is to eradicate ignorance, because ignorance is the foundation of poverty and hatred.  I will go to any depth to educate anyone who wants to listen about removing the barrier of ignorance so that they can walk out of poverty and leave behind the vice that is hatred.  And there is absolutely nothing you can do to me to dissuade me from preaching that message.  This is why I write and why I teach.

Passion Is Love

Passion is the lover within your heart.  What do we do with lovers, we become intimate with them, we hold them, caress them, think about them, hold them in high esteem, and protect them.  They are the targets of our affection.  In the same way, passion causes us to love, be intimate with, hold on to, caress, think about, hold in high esteem, and protect the THING, that we are passionate about.

passion will
keep you going
when it gets really hard
to keep moving forward…

Wilma Rudolph was passionate about winning races
Alexander Graham Bell was passionate about telelphones
The Wright Brothers were passionate about airplanes
Martin Luther King Jr. was passionate about civil rights
Washington Carver Jr. was passionate about peanuts
Christ was passionate about all mankind

Think about your passion…no passion is too big or too small…it could be your children… anything that drives/motivates you to do more
and want to be better than you’ve been is a passion.

Passion doesn’t say yes, it says YEEEESSSSSS!
Passion doesn’t say no, it says NOOOOOOOOO!
Passion doesn’t say I might, it says I WILL!
Passion doesn’t say I love you, it says OMG, I LOVE YOU!
Passion drives you to not only run your race, but to finish your race STRONG.  Passion will keep you going when it gets really hard to keep moving forward.  If you don’t have passion, you will quit, when the hardness comes and it will come.

So, the question is yours…Where is your passion?




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